Popular Styles Used for Architectural Design

Planning a new house building project can be both exciting as well as quite stressful. You will have the chance to create something unique for the future appearance of your home. With the help of a trained home builder you can apply one of these styles or create something new and innovative by combining different elements.

Country – usually emphasizing or simple wooden design, the country style can open the possibility of implementing both formal and informal styles. This can be perfect for people who like to mix up different elements.

Classical – this design includes architectural features used in ancient Greece and Rome, such as columns, ornament, pediments and decorative elements.

Contemporary – the common characteristics of this particular style include straight and clean lines with larger windows, flat roofs, asymmetrical shapes and open floors, and it avoids decorative trim.

Traditional – here, we have a combination of classical elements with features from the Cottage design. Columns and simple roof lines are utilized in countless houses throughout the United States and Canada.

European – the exterior part of the house is supported by bricks or stone, as well as steeply pitched roofs. Keystones and pediments are usually included as decorative elements.

Cottage – this style describes a charming and cozy design that avoids large construction, but focuses on smaller and more picturesque design.

Mediterranean – this is a combination of different European styles such as the Spanish Colonial Revival. Large windows and exposed wooden beams are famous in this particular design.

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